The volume of Turkey’s exports of furniture

The furniture sector is a major sector among other sectors, and it is also a wide sector of furniture products, home furnishings, furnishings and floors. The basic and social needs of people in their daily lives made of wood with an aesthetic appearance are defined as furniture, as the furniture industry is of strategic importance in terms of the added value that it constitutes and its uses. By all the cultures of the world in terms of its various advantages and types, as in economic terms, Turkish facilities produce products of international standards and high quality to meet the ever-increasing global competition

Leading countries in the furniture industry

The furniture industry sector is among the main economic sectors of countries in the world, and while the total estimated size of the sector in 2004 was about 220 billion dollars and doubled to 473 billion dollars in 2013, it is estimated that the production of the global furniture market will exceed more than one trillion dollars in 2050 was Europe In the past two decades, the center of production for the furniture sector. It was also noted that the weight of production shifted to the east, including China, and it emerged in the past decade as the largest producer of furniture in the world. Germany, Italy and the United States are the most exporting countries after China. Turkey ranks 21st in the ranking of furniture exporting countries in the world. 35% of the furniture sector is home furnishing products, office and exhibition furniture constitute 30% of it, and household goods also constitute about 27%

Turkey's role in the furniture industry

The furniture industry is one of the most important industries in Turkey, and despite its age, the beginning of the industrial and export sector began with the beginning of the seventies, and the value of production for the year 2021 is more than 44.6 billion Turkish liras. By the nature of the sector, which focuses on the local market, many Turkish companies have reserved a place in the market Global

The furniture industry represents its sub-sectors in many fields, which is an essential part of it, such as the shipbuilding industry, the furniture used in construction, the metal and glass industry, and it supports more than twenty sub-sectors affiliated with it.

As furniture factories are located in areas where the market is concentrated or forest areas, it is easy to reach companies that produce furniture in most Turkish provinces, including Istanbul, Kayseri, Bursa, Izmir, Ankara, Kocaeli, Adana and Antalya

Since 2011, the Turkish furniture industry has started to increase continuously at the level of foreign trade by trying to overcome the downturn in domestic demand. The sector has also contributed to the Turkish economy through the experiences of foreign markets. Therefore, the furniture sector has a dynamism and a suitable possibility for a significant increase. The development of the Turkish furniture industry depends on the growth of furniture exports. Turkey's furniture exports amounted to 192 million dollars in 2001, and then increased dramatically