What is the volume of turkey’s industrial exports for the year 2021

Industrial exports are the largest part of Turkey's exports compared to other industries and have witnessed significant growth in recent years, as they were 111 billion dollars in 2011, while they became 137 billion dollars, until October of the year 2021... read more


The volume of Turkey’s exports of furniture

The furniture sector is a major sector among other sectors, and it is also a wide sector of furniture products, home furnishings, furnishings and floors. The basic and social needs of people in their daily lives made of wood with an aesthetic appearance are defined as furniture, as the furniture industry is of strategic importance in terms of the added value that it constitutes and its uses. By all the cultures of the world in terms of its various advantages and types, as in economic terms, Turkish facilities produce products of international standards and high quality to meet the ever-increasing global competition... read more


How turkey became the most preferred country in the global clothing sector

Turkey provides products of great diversity and high quality that have proven themselves globally at a relatively low cost compared to other global markets due to its geographical location as it is considered the link between Europe on the one hand and the Arab countries and the Middle East region in general on the other hand, and it is a preferred tourist destination for travelers coming from all over the world The export of clothing in Turkey is one of the most traded and exported sectors, with a total revenue in 2020 of more than 300 million dollars, and in 2021 it amounted to 332 million dollars until November. Spain was the most attractive country for clothing trade, followed by Germany and the United States ... read more


Turkey is a leader in the construction sector in 2024

The construction sector in Turkey will reach $230 billion by 2024, according to the latest forecast published by Global Data, a world leader in data and analytics, through a report entitled “Construction in Turkey - Key Trends and Opportunities to 2024.” And the report published by "Global Data" stated that the construction sector in Turkey is recovering from the current recession thanks to the Turkish government's focus on developing infrastructure for the transportation, housing, and energy sectors, in addition to many investments in the framework of development according to the "Eleventh Five-Year" development plan... read more