Owns an e-commerce site (ALDERI SHOP) for Turkish products

Alderi Trading Company was established in 2014, under commercial registration number: 900636-0, in the heart of the vibrant city of Istanbul, where the spirit of business and innovation is embodied. The company strives to provide distinguished commercial services and manage orders with the highest levels of quality and efficiency, benefiting from his unique skills in the field of marketing and promotion. The company's vision is to meet customers' needs provide high-quality products that meet their aspirations and help them achieve their business goals, whether within the borders of Turkey or in global markets.

We act responsibly and service oriented with the highest standards

In order to keep pace with the rapid progress in the world of information technology and meet customer requirements efficiently, Alderi developed its work mechanisms and launched the Alderi Shop e-commerce website. This website is considered a main window for our commercial offers and an interactive interface that facilitates the shopping process for our customers with ease and ease. Through this electronic portal, Alderi aims to provide distinguished commercial services and manage customer requests efficiently and effectively, which contributes to enhancing the online shopping experience in an innovative and simple way. We always strive to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction for our customers and provide innovative commercial solutions that meet the needs of their projects with precision and perfection.


We respect ethical rules, principles of honesty and laws because we are keen to achieve sustainable life through the efficient and effective use of resources and always act responsibly and transparently towards our society, our people and our stakeholders for a better future.


We embrace our work with passion for our dream of the future, our determination to reach the goal and our leaders, courage and inexhaustible energy. We always work efficiently and focused,we do our best to reach the goal and we spread the enthusiasm we feel for our work in our environment. We are certainly not afraid of obstacles and we do not act erratically and inconsistently.


By sharing knowledge and experience, getting closer to a solution, trusting ourselves and each other, appreciating and celebrating, we succeed with our differences and are not shy about collaborating with each other as we do not put individual success above team success.


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