Owns an e-commerce site (ALDERI SHOP) for Turkish products

Al-Deri Trading Company was established in 2014 and is headquartered in Istanbul - Turkey, where Al-Deri Company has highly efficient marketing and promotional skills, which has achieved excellence for the company in commercial services and managing requests for customers to prepare projects at the level of business inside and outside the Republic of Turkey, and for this we have developed the work mechanism and established a website Alderi shop for electronic commerce to keep pace with the development in the field of information technology for commercial services and management of customer requests.

We act responsibly and service oriented with the highest standards

We are working to provide all Turkish products to customers so that we target all sectors of Turkish industries and display them on our e-marketing AL-Deri Shop website with the aim of order management service for customers to help them save effort, time, research and high cost to provide these products and this is through our vision to adopt modern and advanced ideas in the distinguished commercial services that we work It must be directed to the highest standards of customer service to ensure comfort and flexibility in the import process from the Republic of Turkey.

Al-Deri company location